Rats and Mice are creatures of nightmares. They damage the property and transfer of disease is of serious concern, especially in the food safety sectors that must conform to various Health & Safety Standards. Plague is caused due to acute infestation of these pest. Rat and mice are also destructive pests. They damage furniture, carpets, cloths curtains, telephone and electrical wire.

Baits: The effectiveness of any rat bait depends upon environment and the habits of the rat in question. Because rats are scavengers, the most effective rat attractant is food. Fruits and vegetables are attractive to roof rats , sometimes called a bait, is used.. However, it is best to utilize food baits that are not likely to spoil in unreachable locations. Peanut butter should not be used since some people are allergic to the smell of peanuts.

Rodenticide baits are engineered to kill rodents, rather than to catch them. These baits can be harmful to humans, house pets and wildlife if misapplied or ingested. Bait stations are available to prevent children and pets from accessing these baits.

Traps: Live traps are designed to catch rodents without causing them physical harm. If not emptied in a timely manner, live traps may cause rodents to die of starvation . Rodents also have been known to return to their nests after being released. Rats tend to avoid new objects, so traps take some time to be effective. Traps can be made more effective if an attractant. , sometimes called a bait, is used.

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