Termites are commonly referred as “white ants” are known for their destructive effects on wood structures and construction.

Termite infestation can destroy your valuable wooden goods. It is important to check its infestation in the initial stage.

In many building structures, damages are not only limited to timber but also to wall covering or building contents. The termites chew these materials to reach wood.

Preconstruction Anti termite treatment: The treatment is done by us strictly following the specification of ISI code 6313 part II . Termite treatment is done to make an entry barrier to termite attack and is carried out in 3 different stages.

1.Treatment of foundation and basement.

2.Treatment for the top surface area of the plinth filling.

3.Treatment of the walls retaining soil above ground level.

4.Treatment of soil surrounding pipes, wastes and conduits.
Service Guarantee :

This treatment is backed up with the service guarantee of 10 years.

Post construction Anti termite treatment: Post construction Anti termite treatment is carried out to eradicate the existing termite infestation in the buildings.

1.Drilling & Injecting Chemicals at wall and floor junction level.

2.Spraying Chemicals in wooden Structures.

3.Chemical Barrier around the premises
Service Guarantee:

This treatment is backed up with the service guarantee of 05 years.

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